Monday, August 8, 2011

Fire & bullet together!

Salam + Bismillah + Selamat sejahtera..

How r u? i hope u all are in good condition, healthy and also the most important thing is always follow musQ production new news..(i guess so) ^_^

Lastly i have my time to update my blog after a few days because lately i was bz doing my internship report and have some more important to do in ramadhan month

So, do u like a action movie!!?????????

If your answer is yes, musQ will provide/entertain u with the some movie(movie??..hahaha..i dun think so..because the clips or movie only took about a few minute..hehe).. musQ now are going to increase skill in doing movie action(dreaming maybe... fairy-tale story..hehe)

I will show u one of the action movie that edit by their self..u can look their youtube channel at here, but they edit their video using different software which is finalcut..very nice video by them


So, for the beginner like me..this is what i learn in only 2 out..


api tuh memang panas..tahan je laaa

so,memang ternyata kat sini..edit video tuh bukan senang(o0opps..speaking malay pulak)...honestly edit the video is not the easy work u will take our patience to give the best quality..that all for me

p/s innallaha maassobirin (sesungguhnya Allah bersama orang2 yang sabar)

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